5 Annoying Things NS Men Do

For those of you who are not familiar with the term “NS”, it is a short form of “National Service”, which is a compulsory 2-year army training for boys of age 19-21 in Singapore.

1. Calling everybody bruh, even girls.

Congratulations, you just earned yourself a one-way-ticket to the land of friendzone.

2. Being super vulgar.

Before these guys go to army, they were the polite and gentlemanly Junior College (JC) guys that we all adore. Going to army is like going to this camp where everybody does nothing but use “Fuck” as noun, verb, and adjective. Yes, I have something against guys who use vulgarities loosely in conversations. It’s rude, unnecessary, and you are stripping away the weight that is supposed to come with a strong word like “Fuck” in Asian society.


3. Talking about your NS days on and on and on and on…

Ouuuukay guys I get it. You all suffered for 2 damn years to serve the nation, which you all think is an investment with no returns. Yeah, keep talking about what camp you were from, what you did, what rifle you carried, how little you slept (the list goes on).


Okay guys, let me break this down to you. Ready ready ready? WE GIRLS DON’T HAVE IT ANY BETTER.

What do you think we were doing when you were serving the National Service? We were studying in university HELLO?! So what if we’re going to go into the workplace first? It’s no secret that you guys will get a higher salary at the end of the day.

4. Being super desperate to get a girlfriend.

You will only attract stupid girls, trust me.


5. Being super hot.

I have to try extra hard not to take a second look. Dayummm boys.


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