That’s my answer to a lot of questions I get this semester, including: Why are you not blogging that much now? Why don’t you wanna go clubbing with us? Why are you not out having fun on Saturdays?


For my priorities this semester, I’m willing to let go of the things that used to make me happy. It’s a blessing in disguise, really, because not doing all the “dirty” things I used to do (partying every week), I learned to understand that I can, in fact, live without all those things. To tell you the truth, I think I’m having the time of my life – the kind that you will be able to tell your grandkids about.

I discovered a lot better things to do other than drinking and dancing the soul out of you, grope and being groped at the club, grind and being ground on the dance floor. I realised the importance of true friendship out of the clubs, friends who will not only contact you when she wants a drinking buddy. I found out that there can be people who can’t accept the fact that you’ve changed for the better, who only like the past you, the party-animal you, and I learn to be okay with that. I learned to let them go.

I guess I’m growing up old, but that’s okay. With the end in mind, I’ll pave my own path towards my goal, one small step at a time.

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One thought on “Priorities.

  1. Yes, u are right in this aspect. As we grow older, we are wiser some how. Knowing the right from wrong, the do and don’t. It is part of our process in growing up from children to teen and to young adult. There is nothing wrong with that, just wiser in our choice

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