Taking Good Health for Granted

A friend of mine just got hospitalized again. Although we’re not the closest of friends, she’s a dear friend of mine as we have gone through thick and thin for the past 6 years together. We understand how each other feels and we treat each other with respect. 

She is never a physically strong kid. I have lost counts on the number of times she was hospitalized, the number of times she fainted (in the lift, in her room, in the class), or the number of times I get texts from our mutual friends saying, “Jen* is ill again. We’re visiting her tomorrow at 1.”

She makes me think about something we all have that we often take for granted – health. It’s funny how health is the one major factor that will determine whether or not we can achieve all the goals we want in life, and yet, our gratitude of having good health is often understated. And every single time news like this comes into my inbox, I try to put myself in her shoes and feel overwhelmed. I feel overwhelmed with the shame of being born imperfect, the sadness of looking into your mother’s tired eyes, and somehow, a tinge of happiness mixed with guilt that you’re still alive.

I cannot imagine how hard life is for her, but all my prayers are with her and her family. 

*Jen is, of course, not my sick friend’s real name.

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2 thoughts on “Taking Good Health for Granted

  1. Yes, I really like your post as many people take health for granted. i myself never have good health and been hospitalised twice for operation so I know how it feels as I lost a lot of blood before non stop till almost dead. I am now surviving and praise GOD for my survivor and I know that GOD will make her as a survivor as well. Keep praying for your friend and will like to hear good news from you soon, take care and be blessed !!! In Jesus name, Amen !!!

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