(Extremely) Budget Singaporean Journey

If you are an aspiring backpacker, you must have known about this guy who travelled to 13 countries, 24 cities for 50 days for only S$3.9k. This is exactly what I mean when I tell people I don’t wanna go for exchange, I just wanna travel. Nobody seems to understand though, they all say things like, “What do you mean? Exchange IS travelling.”

No, what I meant was, I wanna travel the world WITHOUT having this worry at the back of my mind that there will be class/ homework/ quiz/ midterm coming my way in a few days. I don’t wanna be tied down by education for once. I wanna be free.

Anyway, you guys should check out http://tamblur.tumblr.com/post/74158883076. How I wish I have friends like this so we can go for our little adventures together.

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